Marimekko's gift packaging

How Marimekko and Stora Enso collaborated to design beautiful corrugated gift packaging that boosts customer experience whilst offering total protection and SKU optimisation.

Stora Enso and Marimekko teamed up with the goal of updating Marimekko’s gift packaging with a Nordic design solution

Marimekko's goal was to enhance user experience and eliminate unnecessary paper, ribbons or stickers while also protecting fragile products such as plates, vases, trays, and mugs. 

Expressing Marimekko’s brand identity with a sustainable premium feeling for customers was key.

Founded in 1951

Finnish design house Marimekko is known around the world for its bright, colourful prints on textiles, clothing and home furnishings. The popular floral print Unikko created in 1964 by designer Maija Isola is a strong global symbol of the brand.

Stora Enso's packaging development process covered field observations, interviews, sustainability, and SKU & total-cost optimisation

Anna Kjellberg
Design Project Manager, Stora Enso
“The biggest challenge was to make a flexible packaging portfolio to fit the widest range of different products from a cost-efficiency and sustainability perspective. How could we make as few sizes as possible but still fit and protect as many different fragile products as possible?”

As the user or consumer is central in any business packaging development, Stora Enso carried out field observations and interviews with Marimekko to fully understand their needs.

“From Marimekko staff working in the stores to the consumer bringing the product home, all have different needs. We carried out field observations and interviews to understand those needs and set the best ground for the new design. The power of close interactions and face-to-face meetings letting the customer (Marimekko) fold boxes, touch material, test to pack and brainstorm together must never be underestimated.”​​

A new, scalable and recyclable packaging portfolio for a range of products

The new gift packaging portfolio includes four new box sizes featuring the Unikko print and covers a wide range of Marimekko’s different products.

Eija Salmela


“We are delighted to be able to launch our new gift packaging celebrating the 60th anniversary of Unikko, our most beloved print.”

“We strive to bring joy to the everyday lives of people through bold prints and colours. Together with Stora Enso, we have created packaging that can do just this as it hopefully finds a second life and purpose in the homes of our customers."

The innovative and stylish boxes made of renewable certified materials such as fibre-based corrugated board feature Unikko, Marimekko’s most iconic print. Thanks to a worked-through design process, in-house knowledge and production, Stora Enso can provide a fast route from idea to production for clients.  

Two carriers were also created so that the beautiful multipurpose boxes, likely to become coveted items on their own, wouldn’t be hidden in a shopping bag. The durable packaging is created locally.

Made from renewable materials

Anna Kjellberg
Design Project Manager, Stora Enso
“From a sustainability perspective, the portfolio was developed with renewable material and with production in Finland and Europe using wood fibre from Nordic forests, which results in shorter deliveries.”
Together is better

“It’s a great feeling knowing that the customer is interested in the development and also very much involved and supporting the process. They know their products best. We, with our design and materials knowledge and inhouse production, can speed up any development process, giving the customer a real one-stop shop for packaging.” 
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