Fulfilling the Green Pledge with Packaging Automation

The challenge 

To increase sustainability across the value chain



Swedish cosmetics producer Svenska Krämfabriken set a challenging sustainability agenda when introducing their Green Pledge. Taking away all plastic used in the production was one of their core initiatives towards becoming a more sustainable company. But the market leading manufacturer of beauty, health, and wellness products set their Green Pledge goals higher, to covers their entire value chain. 


The goals


The Green Pledge states the intent to minimize carbon emissions in packaging, distribution and transportation. And, to take away all the plastic used in production. They also wanted to introduce a fully automated production line to improve productivity and the physical work environment. 

Svenska Krämfabriken used to send their products in plastic boxes and the employees did the packing of the products manually. Since the demand for their products is high, packing and raising boxes is a busy job. To make the work environment better and the packing more efficient they set out to introduce an automated packaging line. 

Svenska Krämfabriken also wanted to find a low carbon material for the boxes used to send products to retailers. Having the retailers in mind, they wanted the box to be highly practical as well. Since the retailers unpack and repack for their own customers, the boxes need to be easy to work with. 

The collaboration

From wood fiber-based materials to packaging automation - All boxes were ticked with Stora Enso
Elisabeth Gyllengren
Elisabeth Gyllengren
Account Manager Stora Enso
“This was a perfect project for us. Since we have the material they were looking for, we sell packaging machines and we have the knowledge and resources to develop custom-made packaging.”
Stora Enso worked together with Svenska Krämfabriken and developed a customized and plastic-free packaging from corrugated board, designed to ship as little air as possible. The packaging generates zero plastic waste and has been produced to be easily opened and recycled which in turn speeds up the logistics for all parties. Stora Enso also delivered and installed a Wrap-Around machine.

The new packaging is easier to work with and it helps Svenska Krämfabriken’s customers within e-commerce in efficiency, warehouse space and recycling.

“We are super happy with the cooperation, and we ticked all the boxes on our specification. To get the entire solution from one supplier, all the way from box to packaging automation, simplifies a lot.”
Johan Mattsson
Johan Mattsson
CEO & Co-founder Svenska Krämfabriken

The results...

tonnes of plastic waste saved annually
10% less energy used annually
Thanks to a plastic-free box, packaging automation, and a new smart way of packaging products in the box to save space.

Truck loads spared anually

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