Better working environment and higher output with automated packaging

Folding 2000 boxes per day. By hand.

Employees at Liba Bröd had to fold their boxes every day. And as the business grew, so did the number of boxes. 


To avoid problems with stress and repetitive strain injury, as well as reduce bottlenecks in their ability to grow, the flatbread bakery decided to invest in an automated tray forming machine from Stora Enso – A move that has improved the working environment, increased production output, and saved money.

Enabling growth & avoiding bottlenecks

Liba Bröd's impressive growth created stress and obstruction in an area outside of their expertise: Packaging

The popular bread is baked outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, and the company is growing steadily. Today its products are sent
across Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and France. But of course, the combination of a popular product and increased growth means more product to ship. And more product means more packaging trays to fold.

Thomas Blomqvist
Thomas Blomqvist
Product Manager Liba Bröd
“Stress levels certainly increased when we had to fold that many trays manually. We barely had time to do it all. We also felt it could become a health and safety issue, as it puts a lot of strain on the shoulders and arms in the long term.”
The answer? 
Automation and corrugated packaging
Stora Enso provides a complete packaging solution to Liba BrödStora Enso provides a complete packaging solution to Liba Bröd
Stora Enso provides a complete packaging solution to Liba Bröd

A complete solution

To protect their employees, Liba Bröd invested in an automated tray former and packaging tailored for the machine from Stora Enso.
Thomas Blomqvist
Thomas Blomqvist
Product Manager Liba Bröd
“We think it’s great getting everything from a single supplier: Corrugated board, the machine, servicing and maintenance.”
The corrugated packaging is produced in Sweden, and kept in stock by Stora Enso to ensure it is readily available. Liba Bröd simply orders what they need, and Stora Enso delivers.
“It’s great that Stora Enso keeps the board in stock. Delivery times are short because we have the products nearby, and we avoid the hassle of delayed tray deliveries.”

The benefits

The machine, known as a tray former, glues and folds the flat sheets that are delivered to the factory. The trays then move along a belt to the operator, who packs the trays with filled bread bags.
“It’s extremely reliable in terms of operation, so we can cope with a higher output than we could before. The machine is part of our production increase, and has meant one less bottleneck in the process.” 
less material 
Less material used per tray means a lower cost per box, less weight to move in logistics, and fewer natural resources used.
Number of packs per pallet has doubled, from 300 to 600
Meaning more efficient logistics and warehousing
“The tray former has also reduced stress for our co-workers. It’s nice to know that we could improve the working environment by such simple means.”
Thomas Blomqvist
Thomas Blomqvist
Product Manager Liba Bröd

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